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Studio Services

Innovative Lessons, Recording, Original Music Production, Artist Development, Videos and More


Innovative Vocal Lessons/Cover Recording

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We offer innovative vocal lessons with one of our professional industry coaches. They work on your pitch, timing and ear training while recording your favorite cover song. This is the best hands on training which allows yourself to hear back and adjust your vocals while we coach you through it. We feel that week after week you experience different techniques through the process of choosing different songs. At the end of each lesson we send you an mp3 of what you recorded that session and throughout the week you get to listen and practice to make it better.


Original Music Production

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Once you're ready to start creating your own song, we offer full song creation from beginning to end. Whether you have just an idea or full lyrics, our professional music producers/songwriter work hand in hand with you to create your own original song from the lyrics to the music productions way and finally the vocal recording.


Standard Voice/Instrument Lessons

$45 for 30 minutes or $70 for 60 minutes


Starting with relaxation, breathing and vocal exercises to slowly get the voice and body to warm-up. Breathing exercises also help facilitate success in the voice and are key to measuring growth and finding dependable technique. Over time, students learn various vocal exercises which are key to keeping the voice on track and paving a way for long-term healthy singing. After exercises, the remainder of the session is dedicated in helping to achieve success in singing a song. This is an opportunity to see what sounds the exercises yield and what additional adjustments the singer should make. Songs can be new or previously studied. Clients are encouraged to explore a diverse array of music, as flexibility is key for the voice and good artistry.


Our professional teachers are trained in piano, guitar, drums & more. Whether you are a beginner and we are introducing the instrument to you or you are at an intermediate level, we customize all of our lessons to satisfy your artistry. Beginners will learn the technical aspect of their instrument including how to properly play the instrument. Lessons will include exercises each week to further develop your skill as well as learning to play a song. Songs can be new or previously studied. Clients are encouraged to explore a diverse array of music, as flexibility is key for good artistry.



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Option A- In studio 1 Camera Angle typically sung live.


Option B - 2-3 camera angles in studio with a pre-recorded song which is not included in price above and done separately.


Option C  -Super High End, Video Director on set ( see Instagram @LOFTFILMSNY) customized storyline, Multiple camera angles at multiple locations with a pre-recorded song which is not included in above price and done separately.




Artist Development

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Are you the next Madison Beer, Conor Maynard? or maybe you can carve your own lane? Let us get you to the next level by packaging together all of our services.

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